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24/7 in the Ottawa area

24/7 in the Ottawa area

Understanding Common Reasons for Tree Removal?

Jun 6, 2024

Now is a good time to remove dead, infected, or potentially hazardous trees from your property! Tree removal can be an enormously time-consuming and complicated task; we at Green Thumb Tree Specialists offer skilled teams equipped to safely take on this endeavour without damaging property in any way.

How Can Tree Removal Affect Property Value? 

We have created a quick guide that can help identify when it is time for tree removal on your property! Here at Green Thumb, we have developed this checklist to assist with this decision-making process, ensuring you make informed choices for your property’s maintenance and value. For professional tree removal services in Ottawa, trust Green Thumb to handle your needs with expertise and care.

Why Remove a Tree?

Tree Needed Removed Due to Termite Infestation

There can be numerous reasons why it may be time to have trees removed from your property; many reasons can go undetected without looking. Take our simple guide as a tool in helping determine when it may be best to contact professionals!

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Removing Dead Trees

Deciding to cut down a dead tree from your yard may seem easy enough, yet many overlook removing its stump immediately! For several important reasons, all dead threes must be removed quickly:

  • It reduces the property’s value
  • This is a risk for kids and adults too.
  • This could attract critters like carpenter ants to create their own home in your yard. Numerous species prefer stumps in trees, which can be used to create colonies.

Hire an expert tree removalist now to make life easier!

Infected trees can quickly cause extensive damage across your entire yard if left untreated, so be sure to have any infected tree removed immediately after discovery if at risk of spreading infection to nearby bushes and trees, leading to lasting harm on the premises.

Have storm-damaged trees fallen onto your fence, blocking access? Call an expert now! Don’t wait. Now is the time to have infected trees removed from your backyard.

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Risk to Buildings

Trees pose an unexpected danger for several reasons. One such way in which trees could damage nearby properties is their capacity for catastrophic collapse onto homes, potentially costing homeowners tens of thousands in damage; but an even more insidious form of threat might come in the form of their roots encroaching upon and weakening your foundation causing substantial structural issues in your home.

Call a tree care expert if your tree appears to be leaning or its roots appear too close to your home!

Storm Damage to Trees

Damaged trees pose an imminent health and safety threat for anyone passing nearby, making immediate removal essential to safeguard personal injury as well as potential property damages costing thousands in repairs.

Consult an arborist immediately after storm-damaged trees appear, both to safeguard yourself and others!

Make the smart choice today: Have Us Remove Your Problematic Tree!

Green Thumb Tree Specialists stands as one of Ottawa’s premier tree removal companies, serving hundreds of clients annually at competitive rates! You can rest easy knowing your tree will be removed without damaging your property at an economical rate!

Contact us immediately and take the first steps toward an environmentally friendly yard!