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Whether you need scheduled, one-time, or emergency snow removal services for your residential property, trust Green Thumb Property Services to get the job done. We offer 24/7 snow removal for Russell, Ontario!

  • Crew of licensed & insured professionals
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  • Modern snow removal equipment
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Single Driveway

$450 + tax / Season

Double Driveway

$500 + tax / Season

Triple Driveway

$550 + tax / Season

Single Shared Driveway
(both neighbours must sign up)

$375 + tax / Season

Double Shared Driveway
(both neighbours must sign up)

$425 + tax / Season

Custom Size

Custom Pricing

Snow Removal (FAQs)

What type of equipment do you use to clear driveways?

We clear driveways using Agricultural tractors equipped with an inverted snowblower to disperse snow across your lawn evenly.

My driveway is gravel. Can it still be blown?

Yes, we can offer this service to customers with gravel driveways; however, we cannot guarantee that gravel will not be displaced onto your lawn.

Will there be any large snowbanks at the end of my driveway?

Since we use snow blowers to clear driveways, there will be no large snow banks on your property usually made by plow trucks. This will make it much safer to back out of your driveway since you won’t have reduced visibility from snowbanks.

Do you have customer service during snowstorms?

Yes, we have a service line available via text, call, or by email during all hours on snow events over 5cm when tractors are dispatched.

Our Service Area

  • Russell, Ontario

Residential Snow Removal Services

From weekly scheduled maintenance to one-time emergency snow removal, and more, we’re available 24/7 for all your home’s snow removal needs.


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