A tree removal in progress in Russell, ON

Tree Removal

Although tree removal should be a last resort option it is sometimes necessary when trees can develop problems such as decay and pose a threat to people, structures, and landscapes around it or simply just become too large for the landscape that surrounds it. Green Thumb Property Services has the tools and experience to tackle any job from removing a few unwanted bushes to the largest, most technical tree removal.

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Reasons You Should Have Your Tree Removed

  • The tree is unhealthy. Take notice if the top of the tree has dying branches at the top, or the trunk shows signs or decay.
  • The tree is leaning in a dangerous direction. Towards a house, play structure, driveway, or deck.
  • The tree was damaged in a storm and may be beyond repair.
  • The tree is growing to close to your house and may be causing/cause damage to your foundation.
  • The tree has formed a bad crotch which can cause to pooling and lead to decay in the main structure of your tree.
  • There are cracks in the main trunk. These can be caused by the tree being struck by lighting or freezing causing the trunk to crack; cracks can be difficult to see and can run up the entire trunk of the tree posing a great threat to surroundings if a large wind storm was ever to come through.
  • The tree is too large for its location at poses a threat if it where every to fall or drop branches.
  • A disease or insect infestation will eventually cause the tree to die or spread to other trees on the property.
  • There is significant crowding among trees on your property.

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