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There is nothing more stressful than having to deal with a tree emergency on your property. They are unpredictable, complicated, and oftentimes dangerous and pose a serious safety risk to your home, property, and neighbours.

Removing a tree requires professional skills and expertise, especially if there are power lines nearby.

Call our team of expert arborists any time, 24/7, to have your tree removed safely, properly, and quickly.

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Signs You Need Emergency Tree Removal Services

  • Dead, diseased, or sick-looking trees
  • Branches or roots are threatening your home’s structure
  • Weather damage to trees
  • Loose or broken branches
  • Tree leaning

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Weather Damage to Trees

No matter what season – winter, summer, spring, or fall – mother nature herself can wreak havoc on the trees around your property. Whether it’s broken branches, lifted roots, or fallen trees, the damage can spread beyond to your home, car, garage, and neighbours.

Most Common Weather-Related Tree Removal Emergencies

Strong Winds

The most common cause of tree damage is strong winds from windstorms, rainstorms, tornadoes, and hurricanes. Wind can twist a tree, uproot it from the soil, snap the trunk, or cause branches to break off.

Heavy Rain

Trees can easily fall over from rain and flooding. Heavy water flow can wash away sediment and expose the roots, weakening the tree’s structure, and causing it to fall over.

Heavy Snowfall

Branches can break off a tree if there is enough heavy snow or ice buildup. In severe cases, the tree can split or collapse under the extra weight.

Lightning Strikes

Lightening can easily split trees in half, slice off branches, cause trees to explode, boil water in the tree’s cells, peel off the bark, and burn the wood and roots.

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