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24/7 in the Ottawa area

24/7 in the Ottawa area

Professional vs. DIY Snow Removal

Oct 20, 2020

Why Professional Snow Removal for Your Home is the Better Choice

Like clockwork, winter comes every year, and living in Canada means that it comes with a lot of snow. Before you break out the shovel along with your heavy down jackets and toques, and also, before you even think of investing in your own snow-plow, stop suffering. Hiring a professional snow plow service has a ton of benefits for you and your property.

This article will entice readers by educating them on all the benefits of hiring a snow-plow service for their home.

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Avoid risks and accidents

Having a large snow buildup around your house and on your driveway and sidewalk poses a major health hazard to you, your family, and innocent passers-by. If you don’t take care of it, people could get hurt, which is why homeowners snow plow are expected to clear their sidewalks during the snowy seasons. Moreover, snow can sometimes mask patches of black ice which can also cause serious injuries if slipped on. A snow-plow will clear up all that excess snow for you in no time.

Protect your property

With salts and moisture damage, your property can be ruined pretty quickly with neglected snow buildup. Worse, using the wrong type of equipment to clear snow yourself can result in unwanted damaged asphalt in your parking lot or driveway. Protect your property by seeking professional guidance when it comes to snow maintenance.

Save time

Between worrying about the snow on the ground and tiptoeing across an icy driveway just to get to your car (or worse, getting your car stuck backing up into a huge snowbank and making you late to work), snowstorms and built-up snow on your curb can be a real nuisance and a waste of time. Having it cleared regularly by professional service frees up lots of your time to spend with your family, gives you a few extra minutes to go grab a sneaky coffee and bagel on the way to the office, or even sleep in a little.


In a world where it feels like you can’t rely on much anymore, hiring a service to take care of your excessive snow for you (and knowing it will be cleared when they say they’ll clear it) is something you can definitely count on. When hiring a reliable, reputable local company like Green Thumb Tree Specialists in Ottawa, you can feel assured knowing that they will professionally tend to your plowing needs while maintaining your curb and plants with quality equipment.

Curb appeal

There is nothing as unsightly as the image of overwhelming snowbanks on a curb, drowning out the serene winter scene of a nice-looking house. Especially if you’re in the process of selling your house, you want your curb to look as great as possible. Also, a homeowner or business owner who takes care of their driveway and curb indicates that they also keep their properties in good shape, which makes for better profit when it comes time to sell.

Forego investing in equipment

Why invest in equipment when you can free up space and costs to have someone routinely use their equipment for you? Plow equipment can be expensive, bulky and complicated to use without experience. Don’t overcrowd your bank account or your garage for something that won’t pay for itself in usage. Also, choosing a professional service that’s foolproof with its ability to clear snow safely and efficiently like Green Thumb Tree Services in Ottawa uses up-to-date plows that will do a better job than anything on the amateur’s market.

Avoid fines

Many city and town communities require business and residential sidewalks to be clear of snow and ice at all times, and if home, business, and property owners fail to comply in routinely clearing their sidewalks and driveways, they can be faced with hefty fines. By investing in a routine snow removal contract, you can protect yourself from tickets and fines all winter and feel reassured knowing a professional crew will take care of all your residential or commercial snow removal needs.

Preserve your health and energy

Extreme winters come with lots of drained energy as well as health risks. Save the extra time out in the snow risking your health and tiring yourself out from ineffectively shoveling what seems like never-ending snow. A plough could safely get rid of all that snow, and you wouldn’t have to worry about any injuries, colds, or feeling too tired to accomplish anything else.

Keep your winter memories cosy and family-friendly this year by checking one big nuisance off your routine cold weather “to-do” list. Winter doesn’t have to be miserable if you’re proactive about the dreaded tasks that come along every year (or, in this case, snowfall)! We hope you look to a professional service to clear your snow regularly. In this case, there’s no argument that it’s the right thing to do. Contact us at Green Thumb today.

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