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We specialize in high-quality residential and commercial tree removal and stump grinding services throughout Ottawa, Russell, and Embrun Ontario.


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Tree Removal Specialists

Emergency Tree Removal Services

No matter what caused your need for emergency tree removal services, the bottom line is that you need it taken care of fast. Damaged, diseased, or hanging trees can pose a safety risk to your family, property, neighbour’s property, and nearby power lines.

Prevent severe damage around your property with our 24/7 emergency tree removal services.


Stump Grinding Services

Stumps aren’t just an eyesore; they pose serious risks. From property damage caused by root growth to safety concerns such as tripping and stubbing hazards and insect and pest infestations, there are many valid reasons to be rid of the stump in your yard.

Say goodbye to the eyesore, and say hello to a spacious, hazard-free yard — call us today 613-869-5324 to book your appointment.


What We Can Do For You

  • Same-day emergency services
  • Fixed estimates – no hidden costs or fees!
  • Year-round services regardless of the weather
  • All consultations are done in-person with the homeowner
  • Experienced professionals ONLY! We do not hire students
  • We take on tough jobs our competitors won’t!
  • Flexible bookings to accommodate your schedule
  • Licensed and insured for your peace of mind

Other Tree Cutting Services

24/7 Emergency Service

The last thing you need is a tree problem on your property. We’re available 24/7 to help you, no matter when an emergency arises.

Tree Trimming

Whether you’re tired of looking at an unmanicured tree or overgrown branches are beginning to pose a safety risk, our expert arborists are here to help.

Land Clearing

We have the heavy-duty equipment and skills required to clear anything from lots to acres of land for homeowners and contractors.

Reliable Snow Plow Services – 24/7

Whether you need scheduled, one-time, or emergency snow removal services for your residential property, trust Green Thumb Property Services to get the job done. We offer 24/7 snow removal for Russell, Ontario!

  • Crew of licensed & insured professionals
  • Competitive pricing and free estimates
  • Modern snow removal equipment
  • Quick response-times

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